30 Metal Band Discoveries in 30 days

So, I have this (maybe bad) habit of listening to the music only in full albums. I don’t like to listen to random music, ever. Really, if there is one song in an album I don’t like, then I don’t listen to the rest of the songs anymore. Well, I have made some few exceptions but very rarely.

And I think it’s because of that, that I have the tendency of listening always the same bands. Even if I’m not against listening to new bands, it’s harder if you stop listening to some other bands for one or two songs you don’t like of them.

I’m not looking to change this habit of listening music in full albums, but I really want to know new bands, so I decided to use one of those “habit forming” tricks that Internet has invented, the “30 days of [something]”. That is basically doing something everyday for a month and posting your progress on one social network or more. Sometimes these are called challenges and many times they have different rules for every day. But not in this case, with the “30 Metal Band Discoveries in 30 days” I want the same rule every single day: listening to one band I have never heard of before.

But maybe you think this whole social network thing, with all it’s hashtags, it’s challenges and postings and retweeting is not very Metal. Well, that’s OK, my advice in that case would be “don’t do it”.

So maybe you want to do this for different reasons, maybe you just want to diversify your Metal music listening or maybe you are new to Metal music and want to know more bands. Maybe you already know a ton of Metal bands but there’s never enough for you. Maybe you just want to tweet anything and let people to know you like Metal. Whatever the reasons, if you want to do it, then do it.

I’m writing this post to propose some rules for this.

  1. Choose one or more social networks to post.
  2. If hashtags or something similar are used, then use #MetalDiscovery30
  3. Find a new band that you have never heard about. Not only one you have never listened to, that’s easy. Finding bands you didn’t have an Idea they existed is the point of this… thing. How? I have some tips below.
  4. Listen to at least one song of them. YouTube, a friend’s disc, Last.fm (I don’t know if that exists anymore), buy the song, assist to a live event of some band you never heard of… whatever counts.
  5. If you can, listen to more than one song. Most of the times you will.
  6. Choose one song, and post it with the hashtag. Something like this, for example:
    “#MetalBandDiscovery Day 1/30: Northern Kings – We Don’t Need Another Hero”
    and add whatever you like to the post, if you want to. And yes, I know you don’t believe I haven’t ever heard about Northern Kings but I had not, I can’t believe it either.
  7. Repeat 29 times more, adding one to the number between “Day ” and “/30:”. Yes, that part is obvious but I’m guessing that’s the part that most people would forget, and this is about to form a habit, you don’t want to do it wrong, lol.
  8. Optionally, link to this post for people to find out what’s this all about.

The hard part of this is to find totally new bands. So I have a few Ideas of how to find bands you have never heard of, and it’s not so hard. I list some here:

  • Associated acts: Check a band you like on Wikipedia. Go to the section “associated acts” and check the bands listed there. If you know all of them, choose one of them and do the same, until you find something new.
  • Wikipedia Lists: if you search google for a list of some genre of music, you will probably find a Wikipedia List of bands of that genre. Optionally, choose a Metal genre that maybe you don’t listen very often. For example, I searched for “viking metal bands list” on google and the first result was: List of Viking metal bands.
  • The youtube tops: Search youtube for “best [some genre] bands” and you’ll find several videos of fans that list their favorite bands on such genre. Optionally you can choose a genre you don’t even know if exists, you can’t do that for wikipedia lists, you wont find anything, but in youtube, most probably you’ll find something. For example, I searched “best satanic metal bands”, I don’t know if “satanic metal” exists, I think it doesn’t, but I found top 10s about bands related to satanic whatever.

The flaw: You can’t really listen to a band you have never heard about, unless you listen to the song without knowing who plays it, and then discovering that you didn’t know that band. Well, that’s stupid, whatever band you didn’t know it existed before you started the “30 Metal Band Discoveries in 30 days” counts.

If more people (that’s anyone apart of me) starts doing it, then it would be easier for everyone because you’ll have the hashtag to check what other people is discovering. And that’s the whole point of these social things.

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